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Celebrate Your Body

True to our commitment to health and wellness, Movement Wellness is the only rehabilitation Pilates center in the country. In addition, our multi-specialty facility offers Stott Pilates™, Vinyasa Yoga, Physical Rehabilitation, Sports Conditioning, Zumba Dance, and other fitness regimens that cater everyone.

To provide a holistic approach, our facility focuses you. Each client is guaranteed guidance, attention, and the challenge of having one of our certified specialists working right alongside you.

Movement Wellness is the only center in the country that provides continuity of care from physical therapy to exercise- from injury to wellness and functionality

Pilates - Movement Wellness Studio & Physical Therapy


Pilates is a form of exercise emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness to support efficient, graceful movement.


Beginner’s Yoga

Centered on the familiarization of the basic asanas that help build flexibility through stretches, enhance endurance as the body transitions through postures and create mindfulness through the breath. Ideal for those looking for a nice stretch and a relaxing workout.


dance classes

You need not be a dancer to join. As long as you want to learn to dance, sweat or even just move, you are welcome. Genres may include basic ballet, jazz and modern or contemporary dance.


  • Prenatal Yoga Mon 9am - 11pm

    Our focussed prenatal workshop seeks to empower expecting mothers. We aid and assist in developing strength and stamina and offer strategies to relieve common pain associated with pregnancy.